choose us?

SEICO is a family owned company serving Georgia since 1982

SEICO is and expert in commercial, multi-family and residential security. We can even tell you that we are the preferred provider for the Atlanta Area Habitat for Humanity homes. However, all that is good to know, but it is all about us.

It really should be about you. When you are shopping for security services, you want to know that you are dealing with a reputable, honest company with integrity. You want to know that the company will treat you right and do what they say they will do. You don’t want high pressure sales tactics, gimmicks, hidden costs or surprises. You want straight answers to your questions and a company that will go the extra mile for you!

Services we offer

Access Control

Wheter you need secure access to 1 door or 200, we offer the correct system to meet your needs.

Monitored Alarm Systems

We install and monitor alarm systems locally here in Gorgia, no outsoursing with us

Fire Alarms and Detection Systems

Fire Alarm and Detection Systems provide unparalleled security monitoring to detect fires and other dangerous hazards. Fire detection systems monitor, alert and respond to events immediately when a threat is detected.

Structctured Cabling

We install, test and certify all structured cable systems we install. You will be given a detailed report of all of the cables we installed.