You should always have piece of mind while at home or away. With interactive applications for your computer and smartphone you can monitor and get notifications of any activity at your home. We will custom tailor your system to meet your needs.


You have put everything to your company. You need to be able to monitor activity when your are onsite or away. Get notifications of activites at your site from anywhere in the world.


Being able to control who comes in your building and even which floors people can access is important to providing tenants with peace of mind. Having security ensuring the safety of your building while protecting your tentants best interest is parmount.

Mark Stocks
Young Industries, Inc.

SEICO installed a card access system ensuring that we meet the stringent HIPPA laws protecting our clients information. Very professional and organized. I will make sure to use SEICO in the future as my company grows.


Access Control

Wheter you need secure access to 1 door or 200, we offer the correct system to meet your needs.

Monitored Alarm Systems

We install and monitor alarm systems locally here in Gorgia, no outsoursing with us.

Fire alarm and detection systems

Fire Alarm and Detection Systems provide unparalleled security monitoring to detect fires and other dangerous hazards. Fire detection systems monitor, alert and respond to events immediately when a threat is detected.

structured cabling

We install, test and certify all structured cable systems we install. You will be given a detailed report of all of the cables we installed.